Goose Bumping Attractions Across the US

stratosphere ride@Goynang/Flickr

A rush of adrenaline can sometimes be the best and faster way to turn another dull weekend into and unforgettable one. Fortunately, in a country like the USA, which is famous all over the world for its theme parks, adrenaline is not too hard to get. Actually, you’ll find some truly goose bumping attractions across the US: haunted houses, insane constructions or roller coasters – all you need is the courage to approach them. Take a look at these possible destinations:

Skydeck, Grand Canyon

canyon skywalk ©L. Richard Martin, Jr./Flickr

The sky deck is one of the relatively recent attractions at the Grand Canyon, but quite a brilliant invention, if you ask me. The U-shaped deck hangs over a huge abyss, allowing visitors to admire the depths of the Canyon in a way never experienced before. This tie, no fences or metal bars will ruin your pictures – but remember, a glass structure over such a frightening abyss is not for the faint hearted.

Stratosphere, Las Vegas

Those why ever visited Las Vegas probably remember the tall tower with a disk on top, commonly known as the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere itself is an interesting attraction but this is not the reason why I mention it today. The greatest thing about this building-casino is what lies at the very top – more exactly, a mini attraction park at the top of a skyscraper. Whether you want to spin above the abyss of experience the Gs in a ‘free’ fall, the Stratosphere will give you the desired goose bumps.

Whincester House, San Jose

Call it a haunted house, but as a visitor of this bizarre attraction, you’ll discover it’s more like a maze. The house was built by no one else but the widow of William Winchester, the man who invented the riffle with the same name. But the one responsible for the house’s architecture are the spirits, but did it manage to keep them away? That’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself.

The Kraken, Orlando

the kraken ©vosburg_09/Flickr

The legendary monster who reigned over the depths of the ocean has a new impersonation, one that announces to scare even the most daring roller coaster rider. This gigantic roller coaster can be found at Sea World Orlando, and there aren’t few those who say it’s one of the toughest out there. Its 44 meter drop and floorless structure will definitely have you scream – whether it will be the joy or the fear behind it, is hard to predict.

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