Fun and Leisure Activities in Houston

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If you expect to find the atmosphere of the old South while visiting Houston, I have to warn you from the beginning that you might be disappointed. Houston is a modern city, and despite the Texan spirit being present here in there, Houston lets you enjoy all the cosmopolitanism and sophistication of a major US city. You’ll find Houston to be quite rich in monuments and educational attractions, but those looking for fun and leisure activities in Houston are likely to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices. From extreme sports to performance arts, there are practically few activities that the city Houston won’t offer to the adventurous tourist. Here come some great attractions to ponder on:

Houston Arboretum

If there is one absolutely remarkable feature defining Houston that would be the impressive number of parks and green areas surrounding the city. Bikers, hikers and joggers will be delighted to discover the numerous trails and nature walks within the city boundaries. And since we’re at the nature chapter, one of the attractions that are worth mentioning is the Houston Arboretum. This encompassing nature conservation center goes far beyond the borders of a conventional arboretum: here you can take guided tours, watch birds and butterflies and discover the secrets of the Sensory Garden.

Houston Space Center

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Parents, here’s your chance to mix fun and education in the most thrilling way. At the Houston Space Centre, children and adults alike will get a chance to discover the history and challenges of space exploration. Visitors have the chance to admire actual space ships, learn about the history of NASA and get a hang of life inside a space ship.

Moody Gardens

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Right outside Houston in the town of Galveston one can visit the famous Moody Gardens. The name might be misleading, as we’re not speaking of actual gardens and they are by no means moody. But those looking for some family fun will find plenty of entertaining options in this popular tourist complex. The Rainforest and Aquarium pyramids, the huge 3D IMAX theatre and 72-hole golf course are the highlights of the Gardens.

Trader’s Village

If you have no ideas about how to spend a sunny weekend morning, Trader’s Village might be the answer to your enquires. Houston’s famous flea market awaits you every weekend with thousands of bargains and country-fair like attractions. Let serendipity and instinct guide you into this fantastic agglomeration of people and merchandise.

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