Favorite US Waterparks

by mrsmas

With the hottest month in the Northern hemisphere just a few days away, it’s time we considered some fun ways to cool off and make of the best of the often too short summer. The most at hand solution – and also the one with the maximum of fun and thrill – is going to a water park. Water parks are summer’s alternative to theme parks and a great way to benefit from water and sun without getting to far from home. There’s a great chance to have one of these quite close to your home, but if you happen to have a passion for this type of attraction or are in search for the ultimate wet thrill rides, here are some top favorite US waterparks:

Mountain Creek Waterpark, Vernon

by je1196

Mountain Creek has long established itself among America’s most popular parks. The park offer in terms of rides and thrills is quite impressive. The High Anxiety and Alpine Pipeline ride are by far the parks highlights – fast and furious riders will love them. Not as challenging but equally fun are the Tarzan Swings: hang by a rope above the pool and see how far you can swing before plunging in!

Water World, Colorado

It might seem awkward for a mountainous state to claim to have America’s biggest and best park.  But with the ocean so far away and the mountain river water so cold, where else but in Denver could this magnificent park have been built? If you have an adrenaline urge, you might as well try one of the ‘high thrill’ rated rides like Spacebowl, The Revolution, Turbo Racer or The Lines.

Six Flags Waterpark, Los Angeles

by rvthomas

Ever wondered how would it feel to be swept away by a tornado? Well, why not try out the Tornado ride (claiming to have the largest water funnel ever seen) at Six Flags and you might just find out. You may also ask three of your friend of family to join you: this one is not for lone-riders. Kids will love playing around at the Splash Island, with mild slides and, of course, plenty of occasions to get soaked.

Schiltterbahn, various locations

Save the best for the end was always one of my guiding principles. Before you have time to disagree, let me just enumerate some of the parks unique and absolutely awesome attractions: Boogie Bahn (a very realistic surfing experience), The Downhill Racer (with parallel slides) or the Cliffhanger Tube Chute (a spectacular slide consisting of rapids and pools).


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