Easter Shopping in New York

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With just a few days left till Easter, New York city is in the middle of spring’s biggest shopping frenzy. New Yorkers rush to catch the last chocolate egg sale, write endless shopping lists and wonder what to wear at the annual Easter Parade. And then there is the eternal question of what to put in the traditional Easter basket…

Fortunately, as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, New York is the perfect place to look for Easter goodies. With an incredible diversity of ethnic shops, delis, markets, boutiques and department stores, New York is the ideal place for last-minute shoppers looking for the perfect Easter present. Here are a few suggestions for Easter shopping in New York:

Department Stores

Department Stores are great when you’re in a rush, simply because they are so large and sell so many different products. Macy’s is by far New York’s most famous department store, and one that is closely associated with Easter (due to Macy’s Annual Easter Parade). Here you can buy anything from perfumes and cosmetics to toys and furniture. Big department stores can be found in almost every area of Manhattan, with Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Century 21 being some of the most popular names.

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Chocolate Eggs and other Easter foods

If you want to organize a traditional Easter meal, than chocolate eggs cannot miss from your table. New York chocolatiers are famous for their products, and around Easter they will have a lot of Easter related products on display. Li-Lac Chocolates, Three Tarts Bakery and Boutique, or Vosges await chocolate lovers with mount-watering chocolate eggs and truffles. For an ultra-central location, try Bouchon Bakery’s at Rockefeller Center. La Maison du Chocolat has three separate stores in New York, all in Manhattan.

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Markets and fairs

Unlike Christmas, when you can find improvised street markets in almost every square, Easter is a bit more austere at this chapter. There is not official Easter market in New York City. However, many of its permanent markets will sell Easter-related products, such as colored eggs, decorations, or traditional Easter foods. If you’re in search for some very original gifts for Easter, you can try one of New York’s flea and antique markets. Examples include the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market or the Antiques Garage. Here you can find a wide range of antiques and vintage items, but also new products such as paintings, hand-made jewelry or crafts.

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