Coolest Museums in Atlanta

by Lee Coursey

Headquarters of Coca-Cola, former Olympic host and prime transportation hub, Atlanta doesn’t lack the charm, the attractions or the fame necessary for a major touristic destination. If you are a frequent airplane traveler in the US, it’s very likely that you’ve crossed your routes with Atlanta airport at least once during your travels. But how often did you think of visiting the city?
If you ever consider spending a few days in Atlanta, you’ll be surprised to learn just how green the surroundings of Georgia’s capital or how various and captivating its attractions. There are an impressive number of museums and exhibitions in Atlanta, which make some great attractions to explore for a day or two in this city. Here comes my selection if the coolest museums in Atlanta:

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Named after its most generous benefactor (an Atlanta business man), this art museum is almost one century old. Focusing on ancient art (especially European and North African), the museum at Emory University contains several collections, of which the Egyptian art exhibit is the biggest and most appreciated. Here you can also admire numerous sculptures and artifacts from ancient Greece and Rome.

High Museum of Art

This art museum is probably the most famous of all Atlanta museums. Containing over 11000 works of art, it attracts hundreds of thousands of art fans every year. It comprises both American and European artists for the previous two centuries, as well some promising contemporary artists and photographers.

World of Coca-Cola

by hyku

The modern history of Atlanta is closely connected with the name of Coca-Cola, world’s most famous carbonated drink. Therefore, it is really worth paying a visit to this cool museum dedicated to the history of Coca-Cola. Aside from the interactive materials and numerous ads and bottle designs you will also get to sample 64 of the company’s products.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

One of the museums that are especially popular with kids, the Frenbank museum is proud of its dinosaur skeleton collection, as well as adjacent science center. It is one of the most educative museums, with lots of activities and special facilities, including a planetarium, a telescope and an IMAX theatre.

Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum

by Samuel Mann

If you are interested in Civil War history you probably know that Atlanta was the ground for one of the biggest battles in history. Today Atlanta hosts an impressive museum dedicated to this war, together with one of the largest paintings on the planet (the cyclorama is actually a rotating painting which depicts the drama and heroism during the Civil War).

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