Coolest China Towns in the US


China towns are part of the US culture. Even though Asians immigrants started to arrive in the US mostly in the 20th century, there was a time when you could find an ethnic Chinese neighborhood in every major US city.
With their dragons, neon lights and tons of bargain shops China towns are extremely picturesque. A visit to such a neighborhood is not only an occasion to taste delicious Asian food and shop for China imported goods (which can go from rare antiquities to cheap counterfeit merchandise), but also to admire the eclectic crowd and specific architecture. As for what concerns the coolest China towns in the US, you’ll easily recognize them by their size, as well as beautifully sculptured gates at their entrance:

China Town, Honolulu

Hawaii has played a crucial role in the history of Asian immigrants in America. At the beginning, Asians were not tolerated in the US so many of them were working in Hawaii, where they slowly built a strong community. The China Town in Honolulu is among the oldest in the States, however, much of it was burnt in the 1900 fire – which was not an accident, people started it as a measure against plague. Today, much of the area has been restored, and you can walk its streets and admire the old buildings.

China Town, Manhattan

by michaelvito

With New York as the main touristic destination, the Chinatown is very likely the most visited in the States. The Chinatown in Manhattan spreads between Grand Street in the North and Allen Street in the south, encompassing colorful streets with Chinese banners, groceries, souvenir shops and restaurants. Like any Chinese neighborhood across the country, the Manhattan Chinatown has its own traditional dish – wonton soup.

China Town, San Francisco

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The lively Chinatown is part of San Francisco’s bohemian air. It is the largest and most colorful such district on the whole continent, with lots of restaurants, shops, clubs, park and cultural institutions. Chinatown is a great place for souvenir shopping, but also for finding delicacies that are typical for the Chinese culture, like high quality teas, porcelain, aromatic oils, Chinese medicinal herbs, as well as the famous dim-sum dumplings.

China Town, Boston

Unlike the other China towns described in this article, the one in Boston is quite diverse. Chinatown is generally just a name for Asian neighborhoods (not all the people living there are Chinese ethnics), but in the case of Boston the ethnic diversity is more obvious than in other parts. This might also be the reason why the contrasts are not so powerful, but the neighborhood becomes an open air secen every year during the Chinese New Year parade.

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