Cool Thematic US Historic Tours

marble statue

Lincoln Memorial ©zoonabar/Flickr

The United States of America still represent a young nation by some standards. You will hardly find any building or historic site that is older than four centuries (except for those related the Native American history, of course). But this does not mean that the history of the country is not fascinating. Quite the contrary: there are lots of cool thematic US historic tours you can try out. Depending on your interest, you might visit a place connected with the US Declaration of Independence, the capital Washington DC and its numerous monuments and attractions, or with the African-American history and the Civil Rights. Here are a few possible tours, all on the East Coast:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philladelphia City Hall ©yapsnaps/Flickr

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities on the East Coast and it has played a crucial role in the formation of the United States. Philadelphia is where the founding fathers of America have signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and also where the first constitution of USA was created. The Independence Hall and the Congress Hall are the two historic buildings that still stand today and are directly connected with these events. The grave of Benjamin Franklin can also be visited here, as well as the US Mint. Lastly, the must-see historic attraction in Philadelphia remains the Liberty Bell.

Washington DC

Washington DC is far more than the capital of the country and or the place where the president lives. The place is home to numerous historic buildings and monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, the US Supreme Court and the World War II Monument. Also, Arlington National Cemetery, where many heroes and prestigious figures are buried, is close to Washington.  Guided tours can also take you to less obvious sights, like the place where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah ©DoNotLick/Flickr

Savannah is a good place to start your exploration of African-American history in the US. The city of savannah has an excellent History Museum, as well as a Civil Rights Museum. You can also learn about the legends and myths that used to circulate in the Black communities some centuries ago and visit pilgrimage places where African slaves have died or where they have fought against slavery.  Savannah is also an important place from a spiritual perspective, as it supposedly hosts the first African American church on the territory of the States: it is called the First African Baptist Church.

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