City Breaks in Southern USA

by david berkowitz

The last official month of winter but not necessarily the last of the cold months, February is a great time to visit the Southern USA. This part of the country gets particularly hot in summer, so tourists will only care for the beaches and often totally ignore the distinct atmosphere of the old South.  A weekend city break in some southern city can bring the much wanted variation of your week end routine, not to mention a well-deserved break for the snow and cold in the north. Hence, today I give you five great candidates for some memorable city breaks in Southern USA:

New Orleans, Mississippi

A chameleonic city, New Orleans is always likely to surprise you with some exotic and undiscovered side of it. The months of January and February usually mark the peak touristic for New Orleans: this is the time for feasts, parties and excesses. We’ve already posted an article about the New Orleans carnival on our blog son and don’t feel like repeating just how even more colourful and lively New Orleans becomes during carnival time.

Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina’s most populous city has built a reputation as a major economic hub, but it is not just business attracting people to Charlotte. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is probably the best known attraction in Charlotte, but this particular southern city has proved to be quite skilled in diversifying its attractions. The historic Bill Graham Library, the lovely Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and the US National Whitewater center are just few examples of fabulous Charlotte attractions.

Houston, Texas

by billjacobs1

A modern city in the heart of the often unfairly characterized ‘rural’ Texas, Houston will please both the sports person and the music lover within you. Huston’s night club’s affinity for great bands and musicians (especially in terms of blues, country or jazz) is well known, and so are its parks and green surroundings.

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond has played a decisive role in the history of the United States so museums and historical attractions are the keywords here. The Capitol building (designed by Thomas Jefferson himself!), the Museum and White House of Confederacy and Richmond National Battlefield Park make the top of the list, but there are plenty of other non-historical attractions to enjoy as well, as Children’s Museum or Bird Theatre.

Memphis, Tennessee

by ianloic

The city’s motto kind of says it all: “City of Blues”, “Birthplace of Rock’n’Roll”. After bringing the usual tribute to the King of Rock’n’roll and roll Elvis Presley by visiting his Graceland Mansion and the Sun Studio where the king did his recordings, you are free to explore the city’s fabulous music clubs, museums and restaurants – not necessarily in this order.

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