Chicago’s Top 5 Attractions

by anneh632

From the Windy City to the City of Big Shoulders, there seems to be an endless list of nicknames for Chicago. And this is no wonder: with one of the most competitive economies in the US, a strong musical tradition, remarkable architecture and a mosaic of cultures and ethnic groups, Chicago is one of the prime tourist hotspots in the US. One could spend years just exploring Chicago’s amazing history, its music clubs and legendary restaurants: but with those of you with just a couple of days to spend, here come Chicago’s Top 5 Attractions:

Navy Pier

One of the liveliest areas of Chicago, the Navy pier can be a great way to spend your day, especially when you’re in the company of family or a group of friends. The Pier is famous for its rides and its highly rated Children’s museum, but those looking to take memorable shots of the Lake Michigan shouldn’t really check out this place. Don’t expect the kind of upscale restaurants and shops to be present in this touristy spot, but with this minor inconvenience the place is a magnet for fun.

Sears Tower

by mark.watmough

Once the tallest building in the world, Sears Tower has remained one of Chicago’s landmarks. For a few bucks a fast and accommodating elevator will take you on the tower’s sky deck, where you can admire downtown Chicago. Most of its skyscrapers will then seem like dwarfs compared to the floor 94 view atop Sears Tower. To make the best of your experience, try to go there after nightfall  – the tower stays open till 11 pm.

Field Museum

If you are a fan of natural history museums then you should do all your best and try not to miss this one. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago is known nation-wide for the huge dinosaur skeletons it exhibits. This is also a great place to learn about human evolution and the history of Native Americans.

Shedd Aquarium

Since we’re one the educational chapter, I figured you might enjoy learning a few things about Shedd Aquarium, one of Chicago’s top five attractions. Even though the aquarium is set on the shores of Lake Michigan, visitors are able to explore the depths of the arctic ocean, as well the colourful species living in the Caribbean reefs; the underwater fauna of the Great Lakes was not forgotten, either.

Millennium Park

by Godzillgirl

Chicago is not only famous for its architectonic wonders, but also for some of the nicest city parks in the US. Millennium Park is probably Chicago’s most famous park, and the location for numerous concerts and fairs. A relatively addition to the city scape, the park consist of numerous gardens, pedestrian routes, fountains and monuments, as well as a remarkable rooftop terrace above Millennium Station.



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