Cheap Spring Break Destinations

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Even though the weather is not always perfect and you might not be able to enjoy all the guilty pleasures of summer, spring breaks have their particular charm. First of all, it’s mostly students who afford go on a break so early in the year, so you’ll find the same youthful atmosphere almost everywhere you go.

Secondly, being off beak, spring breaks are usually inexpensive. And last but not least, there is usually no route to be followed no objectives/landmarks to meet – spring breaks are all about relaxing and having a good time. Check out these cheap spring break destinations and plan your next and most memorable vacation:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas might not be a very original place to spend your spring break, but many Vegas aficionados prefer the warm spring months to the torrid summer. The pleasant temperatures will allow you to use your days in more creative and interactive ways – as opposed to chilling in and air conditioned interior or by a super-crowded pool.

You can have a go at Vegas’ premier golf fields or hike in Red Rock Canyon. But the main reason why Vegas makes an inspired choice is represented by the number of deals and discounts you can benefit from: in order to attract gamblers, many resorts offer their rooms for under $50. Also, if you search more online marketers, like Expedia, Travelocity, Flighthub or Travelgrove, you can also find Vegas flights from as low as $88 r/t (Dec 2012 rates).



In just a few decades, Cancun has developed from a hardly noticeable dot on the Mexican map to a favourite beach destination with North-American holidaymakers.

The main assets of Cancun are its silver beaches, tropical climate and modern, luxurious hotels. And in terms of cheap, all-inclusive vacations, you’ll hardly find any Caribbean destination that would outmatch Cancun.

South Padre Island

Texas is often disregarded as a beach/spring break destinations, but South Padre Island is the kind of place that would prove all those sceptics and gossipers wrong. The island is practically a long strip of sand that parallels Texas’ Gulf Coast  and home to some of the best beaches in the state.

Offering affordable accommodation, a waterpark, an international music festival and an almost infinite list or water sports and water related activities, South Padre Island can safely be considered among the top spring break destinations in the US.

Crested Butte, Colorado

crested butte©foto3116/Flickr

How about a snow trip, for a change? In April, the mountains or Colorado are still covered in snow, so those who are already missing winter will have no trouble in hitting the slopes.

With the same powdery snow but considerably less expensive than the pretentious Aspen, Crested Butte attracts a very young clientele. So no wonder that it prides on some on the best apres-ski facilities in USA.

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