Cheap flights to Chicago

Discovering cheap flights to Chicago

To discover cheap flights to Chicago, first of all it is basic to browse more websites to compare all the prices and get the best deal. Every time look at other airports near your destination, because rates are likely to be unequal; for flights to the city, enter all: Chicago O`hare, Chicago Midway International to find out which of them is the least expensive to fly to. It is good to know that it is commonly a lot less expensive to fly between Monday and Friday especially if you decide to also stay for Saturday and Sunday, then you can pay less and have time to visit the sights of the city. You can also look for cheap flights to all the airports in Chicago at once if you type in CHI, the metropolitan IATA airport code of the whole area

The largest airport in Chicago

Chicago is served by 2 airports, the largest of them is Chicago O`hare (ORD). Some 45 airlines run flights to the airport, for example United Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, Spirit Airlines, Gulf Air Bahrain, Lufthansa, etc.. Consider that ORD is situated 15.69 miles (25.24 km) away from the central area of the city.

Good to know information concerning Chicago and the flights going there

  • Chicago O`hare, the busiest airport in the city, is located 15.69 miles away from the city center.
  • You may be interested to know that the nr. of the inhabitants of the city is more or less 2.696 million now.
  • Chicago has got regular connections with quite many various airports from all around, 209 of them to be precise.
  • American Airlines has got the most prolonged airfare going to the city; the airplane is starting from Hong Kong.
  • The least long flight arriving to the city is a flight by Chicago O`hare that takes off in General Mitchell International, Milwaukee.
  • The city is located in the GMT-6 time zone, as a result, depending on the location you departed from, you could experience jet-lag.