Best white-water rafting destinations in the US

Glacier rafting

rafting alaska ©Ayleen Gaspar/Flickr

What is an article about the best white-water rafting destinations in the US good doing in the middle of the winter holiday season? Well, I just figured that since the winter holidays are a good occasion for many of us to plan the next summer vacation. It is no secret that a perfect holiday must start with some careful, advance planning, and if you happen to like adventure, mountains and water altogether, than you might want to check out these amazing white-water rafting destinations:

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is a wander of a park itself: America’s oldest national park will give you enough to do and see, so even if you spend your entire vacation here, you won’t regret it.

Galatin River

Yellowstone rafting ©mmmavocado/Flickr

Yellowstone was blessed not only with unique thermal features and abundant wildlife, it was also several rivers, offering not only some scenic valleys but also thrilling rafting trips – especially in the spring/early summer. There are three rivers in Yellowstone which are suitable for rafting: Yellowstone River (North), Madison River (West) and Gallatin River (West).

Colorado River (various states)

Colorado River is responsible not only for shaping the world biggest canyon, but also for offering some of the best rapids and most impressive landscapes in the country. As Colorado makes its way through Colorado’s high peaks and then the rocky plateaus of Utah and Arizona, you can experience magnificent views but also sectors with different levels of difficulty. White water rafting through the Grand Canyon is considered by many as the ultimate experience.

rafting trip start

brown canyon rafters ©jking89/Flickr

Salmon River, Idaho

This particular river in Idaho might not tell you much, but it is considered by many as the most challenging rafting experience. Actually, this furious river is not even open to commercial white water rafting operators. Instead, dare-devil rafters must own special licenses and obtain a permit before being allowed to face Salmon River’s dangerously white waters.

Six Mile Creek, Alaska

Alaska might not be the most accessible destination, but those seeking to discover the grandeur  of North America’s mountain rivers should not miss the opportunity to travel to this distant state.

Glacier rafting

rafting alaska ©Ayleen Gaspar/Flickr

Don’t let yourself discouraged by the apparently low temperatures in Alaska: these are quite bearable in the summer months, and the Six Mile Creek near Anchorage promises some real thrills. Some of the rafting trips on this river might also take the whole day, as you cross several canyons and experience class V rapids (there is a 16+ restriction on these, though).


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