Best US Spring Break Destinations for 2013

beach holiday

South Padre Island ©Larry Johnson/Flickr

Springs breaks are expected with much anticipation by us all, but it is usually college students who make the best of them. It has become quite fashionable for US college students to spend their spring break abroad, on some exotic beach like the ones in Mexico or the Caribbean. But what about the USA? Has it lost all the appeal? That’s definitely not the case.

To prove us right, for today’s article we have selected a handful of spectacular best US spring break destinations for 2013. Keep reading see which they are, where they are, and what attractions and activities you can enjoy in the area:

South Padre Island, Texas

The hotter and noisier, the better – this is the catch-phrase that seems to guide student’s choice of a spring break destination. And few other US resorts correspond so faithfully to this description as South Padre Island. This barrier island near the coast of Texas has developed into one of USA’s hottest beach resorts. South Padre Island becomes a party mecca is spring, awaiting students with numerous beach concerts, memorable DJ parties and thrilling beach activities.

beach holiday

South Padre Island ©Larry Johnson/Flickr

Las Vegas, Nevada

USA’s all time favorite party&entertainment destination, Las Vegas, cannot be missing from any respectable spring break destinations top. And there’s a good reason for this: Vegas’ nightclubs and pool-side parties are top-notch, not to mention the numerous concerts and shows that take place here every day. Not to mention the great availability in terms of accommodation and flights, which makes Las Vegas affordable to the budget-constrained college student.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Speaking of affordability, Daytona Beach in Florida has built most of its popularity with students based on its budget-friendly rates. But while inexpensive accommodation is a strong incentive for a college student, it’s certainly not enough to attract the thousands of students that travel each spring to Daytona. So what does it? Well, this depends a lot one their interests: some enjoy the warm climate and nice beaches, some prefer the nightlife and activities, some are pleased to be so close to Orlando, while others are here for the nature.

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Daytona Beach ©chenines/Flickr

Panama City, Florida

Another Florida resort which enjoys great popularity among spring break vacation goers is Panama City. The fabulous beaches will be the first thing most Panama City fans mention when asked why they chose this place among all the others – and they are indeed marvelous. It is just a true that Panama City is one of the best locations on the East Coast for practicing water sports. So if you are a thrill-seeker or you are simply curious to try new sensations, Panama City is a good place to start.

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Panama Beach © Yamaha WaterCraft/Flickr


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