Best surf beaches on the Pacific Coast

surfing in winter

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The sunny state of California is famous for many things, among which its surfer culture. With plenty of sunshine and the foamy waves of the Pacific washing its coasts, California has just the prefect conditions for surfing. Of course, the Golden State is not the only US state with an exit at the Pacific shore, but it is by far the one with the best beaches. Which is why California has the best surf beaches on the Pacific Coast:

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is in fact the name of a tourists town on the coast of California. Although this is the official name of the city, many people know it be the nickname of Surf City. With such a suggestive nickname, it comes as no surprise that Huntinghton Beach is home to some of the most magnificent waves on the West Coast. There are several beaches in Hungtington Beach, with various orientations, which means that the town enjoys all year round waves. Experienced surfers must not miss the Cliff, a true legend among California surfers.

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Surf City ©timmenzies/Flcikr

Big Sur

A few hours drive south of San Francisco will take you into one of the most beautiful regions on the Pacific Coasts. Here, forested mountains descend directly into the ocean; beaches are scarce, bot so are human. Big Sur area is very popular with nature lovers, but also with surfers. There are several good surfing spots in the area, such as Willow Creek, Mill Creek and Silver Sand Beach. And in case you might be wondering, the word ‘sur’ does not stand for ‘surf’ – although it could have!

surfing in winter

surfer ©Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfer/Flickr

Santa Cruz

Among all the possible surf destinations on USA’s West Coast, none is so frequent or fondly associated with surf as Santa Cruz. This region around Monterey Bay is where American surf was born. Today, there is a Surfing Museum in Santa Cruz and the town was officially recognized as a World Surfing Reserve. But what’s even more important is that there there are still the same awesome surfing spots, Steamer Lane, Davenport or Scott Creek.

Surfrider Beach/Malibu

We all know Malibu as the place where Hollywood celebs build their luxurious vacation homes. But long before being colonized by the rich and famous, the beaches of Malibu were frequented by daredevil surfers, who would make their camp directly on the beach. Surfrider Beach is still a legend among local surfers, and you can easily reach it from Malibu Pier.

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Malibu surf ©surfingsanders/Flickr

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