Best Surf Beaches on the Atlantic Coast

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Cape Hatteras ©betancourt/Flickr

With the warm Gulf Stream washing its shores, the East Coast of the United States makes a brilliant beach holiday destination. Here you can find some of the longest beaches and most popular US beach resorts, from all-year round destinations such as Miami, to sophisticated, liberal resorts such as Cape Cod.

Calm, warm water and clean beaches can be found in most East Coast resorts, but you can also find some great surf beaches where the ocean is hardly ever still. Should you ever be tempted to tam the waves in this part of the world, you can always have a go at these best surf beaches on the Atlantic Coast:

Sebastian Inlet, Florida

Sebastian Inlet State Park is is a popular outdoor destination on the coast of Florida. The park offers a range of activities and attractions, such is fishing, bird watching, scuba diving or picnicking. The park is also home to a couple of brilliant surf spots, with good waves for most of the year. Monster Hole is particularly famous due to the unusual geography of the seabed, which usually results in very long surfs.

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Sebastian Inlet ©kloeppel/Flickr

Montauk, New York

The further you go north, the bigger the waves – or, at least, this seems to be the trend judging by the frequency and quality of New England surf spots. And the tiny state of New York seems to be home to some really good ones, including Montauk. In a stormy day, the waves around Montauk point (watch for the lighthouse) can take gargantuan proportion, which makes it a great spot for experienced wave-riders.


Montauk surf © john.beil/Flickr

Ruggles, Rhode Island

A true legend among East Coast surfers, Ruggles Point is constantly under the attack of winds and waves – which means that all year round fun is almost guaranteed here. Reef surfing is the house special at Ruggles Point, and the spot has hardly any rivals when it comes to the height of the waves. There are will be many surfers who head for this Atlantic Coast surf destination during weekends, so choose a day of the week if you prefer solitude.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina

Of the two ‘Carolinas’, the North one seems to be more fortunate than the South one in terms of first-class surfing (which also adds to what I said in the introduction). There are several good surf spots along the coast of N Carolina, but this state’s flagship surf spot is certainly Cape Hatteras. Located on a thin strip of land off the N Carolina coast, Cape Hatteras is US’s most eastern point.  The scenery is magnificent, and your changes to get barreled are quite high in a stormy day.

big waves

Cape Hatteras ©betancourt/Flickr


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