Best Small Towns in California

by docentjoyce

California is certainly one of the blessed lands where the majority of us have at least once dreamed about traveling. Its natural beauties, its surf culture, its glamorous life style and most importantly, its fabulous cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are enough reasons to dedicate your whole vacation (and a nice amount of your savings) to visit this state. But you will soon discover that California doesn’t at all reduce to Hollywood, Disneyland and the Orange county surf communities. There I plenty of history of California, as well as some of the most beautiful country landscapes the USA has to offer. The following best small towns in California can be an amazing source for exploring not only the less known part of California, but also the fascinating history of the Old West:


by clairity

Mendocino refers to both the small town on the North Coast of California and the surrounding county. Just a few hours drive from San Francisco, Mendocino represents California at its best: the majestic Redwood forests descend very close to the ocean, while the small, bohemian community will make you feel like home.

Pacific Grove

Remember the colorful Victorian houses in San Francisco that have once hosted the founding fathers of the hippie movement? Well, that is nothing in comparison with the agglomeration of wooden Victorian facades you’ll be admiring on the streets of Pacific Grove, California. But interesting houses are not the only attraction of this centrally located Californian town.  Millions of Monarch Butterfly migrate here every year, closely followed by the hordes of biologists, nature photographers and tourists.


by kathy mcgraw

Founded by the Danish pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century, Solvang is charming mix of Danish architecture and Californian nature. Set among the rolling hills of Santa Barbara country, Solvang will impress you with its timbered houses, traditional Danish windmills and old fashioned Danish bakeries. The nostalgic Danes have even managed to bring a full sized replica of the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen.


The coastal town of Cayucos is everything California lifestyle should be about, minus the buzz and pollution of the big cities. Are you looking for a nice, relaxing piece of beach? Would you like to test the restless waves of the Pacific and hook up with an adventurous gang of surfers? Or would you rather spend your day in the cozy atmosphere of a family owned restaurant by the beach? No matter what your choice, Cayucos is the place to be.


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