Best San Diego Day Trips

by sunburned surveyor

The southern-most metropolis in California, San Diego is an energetic city with a unique feel. In addition to the warm (some might even call it ‘hot’) climate, San Diego is a true record holder in terms of tourist attractions and entertainment facilities. With such theme parks like LEGOLAND, SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo, superb beaches and world famous surf spots, San Diego is the kind of destination where tourists can hardly get a free minute to catch their breath. But even such an interesting place like San Diego people might feel like taking a short break from the city and discovering picturesque suburbs and often neglected natural wonders. Hence my decision to present you the best San Diego day trips:

La Jolla Sea Caves

by theodore scott

While theme parks do involve a certain degree of adventure, there is nothing to rival the taste of real, outdoor adventure. The coast of California is known for its porous sandstone, which the strong waves model into the most unusual formations. The Caves of La Jolla offer a whole new underground experience: carved in the high sandstone shore, the caves are accessible only by boat or kayak.

Carlsband Village

A trip to Carlsband Village near San Diego is as close as you can get to the historic part of California. This town is particularly famous for the LEGOLAND Park. But those willing to explore this historic Californian town will be amazed by the number of historic sites within its perimeter. Here you can find one of the oldest missions on the West Coast but also some really old and picturesque ranches. Plus, everywhere you turn your head you’ll find superb beaches, inviting shops and irresistible views.

Poway-Midland Railroad

Trains have been crucial to the history of the Old West. The town of Poway near Sand Diego has dedicated a whole museum to this fascinating invention that is steam engine.  While visting the museum might give you an idea about the settlers and their life style, a trip on the vintage Poway-Midland Railroad is like a trip back in time.

USS Midway Museum

by caccamo

An interesting and easy reachable day trip from San Diego is represented by the USS Midway Museum. In its glorious times, USS midway used to be one of the best and largest aircraft carriers in the US Navy. The ship is now a museum, with lots of original equipment and aircrafts on board: a very educative and fun place to take your kids, if you ask me.



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