Best Rated Ski Runs in the US

by dpwk

If you are one of those individuals who dreams about snow even in the most beautiful summer day and knows the meaning of a black diamond ski run, than I’m sure you won’t mind a review on these best rated ski runs in the US. With iconic ski resorts like Aspen and Jackson Hole setting the standards on the West Coast and the smaller, cosier resorts in the Eastern Vermont or New Hampshire, the United States are among the most popular ski destinations in the world. Here come some ski rides that no real skier could ever say no to:

Vail, Colorado

With a powder that would make even a Swiss skier weep with envy and a fame only overshadowed by Aspen, Vail is one of Colorado’s premiere resorts. The resort offers several lift-equipped rides, however the foul mile long Riva Ridge is by far the most spectacular. The run drops about 1000 meters in a challenging descent that will reactivate the adventurer in you but also enchant you with some priceless panoramas.

Park City, Utah

One will approach this former Olympic host with great expectations and to his or her peace of mind of should know that they won’t be disappointed. The resort can pride on its adrenaline generating runs, some of which, let’s remember, have challenged world’s best skiers. Jupiter Bowl is generally considered as the most difficult run in Park City and a favourite with experienced skiers.

Corbert’s Culoir, Jackson Hole

by si_si_ay

Most absolutely not for the faint-hearted, this notorious run in Wyoming’s posh Jackson Hole might prove to be problematic even for the most experienced skiers. The reason? In order to start sliding down with crazy speed you must first take a deep breath and jump of a cliff, fly through the air and land directly onto the slope.

Ruthie’s Run, Aspen

by Matt Ryal

Of course, Aspen couldn’t have been omitted from my best rated ski slopes in the US list. Despite its exclusivity and (some would say) over-priced vacations, Aspen still gets some of the best powder on the continent. And rides like Ruthie’s Run make every skiers with a little confidence bless the day he or she first set the foot on a ski slope. Swinging among the pines with your attention continuously grabbed by the magnificent view that only the 3000 m altitude and crisp mountain air can offer, Ruthie’s Run can best be described as pure joy.



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