Best Places to Travel in Early Summer

by basilique

Booking a vacation in June or September means, by most standards, that you are traveling off season. And it’s also the oldest trick in the history of travel on how to obtain a cheaper vacation. If you ever traveled during these months, you’ve probably become frustrated on how prices double and even triple during peak season. But lower rates are not the only advantage you get as an early bird. You’ll enjoy the best destinations without having to deal with the heat, the crowds or the overbooked flights. As for the best places to travel in early summer, here are our suggestions:

Florida Beach Resorts

by winterdove

You can never go wrong with an early vacation in Florida. You’re as close as you can be to fabulous beaches and as far as you’d want from hurricane season. Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and even Miami hotels are likely to offer great discounts for early birds.  The weather is perfect for sunbathing and judging by the fact that it’s the Gulf of Mexico, the water will also be much warmer than in California.

Grand Canyon

by studioTO

Grand Canyon in June is Grand Canyon minus the heat. Although torrid days might occur at the end of the month, the weather in general is pleasant, with little rain and clear skies. It’s also the reason why the annual Star Party takes place during this month. A favorite hangout place for amateur astronomers nation-wide, the party can offer a great excuse to join your kids and gaze at the stars with the same amazement as you did when you were little.


by MIPadmin

With the never-ending days that are typical for this period, you’ll have plenty of daylight to explore Alaska in all its wild beauty. Cruises are a popular choice at this time of the year, but you can also adventure yourself inland. The weather can be surprisingly warm for this nordic latitude, and the views of Alaska’s mountains and glaciers – stunning. Also, don’t miss the summer solstice celebrations: none can appreciate a white night better than Alaska natives!

New York

by windcafe

Big Apple is synonym to eventfulness itself. Late May and early June, however, offer the same urban delights, this time without the peak season hysteria and over-crowdedness. There are plenty such events you can attend, from pride parades and ethnic fests, to street fairs and open air theatre representations. Geeks will be happy to discover that June is a very scientific kind of month for New Yorkers: The World Science Festival and the Internet Week New York both take place in this first month of summer.


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