Best Museums in San Francisco

by angela n

Museums are not quite the first thing that pops into ones mind when thinking of possible San Francisco attractions, a US city much praised for its nonconformist attitude and liberal atmosphere (as we all know, San Francisco is the place where hippies where born and one with the most gay-friendly communities).  With less than 1 million inhabitants and iconic attractions such as the vintage cable cars or Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is visited by millions of tourists each year. So no wonder that San Francisco came to host some of the coolest museums in the country. Take a look at these best museums in San Francisco and see what’s in for you at each of these fantastic attractions:


by svachalek

The West Coast equivalent of New York’s extensively famous Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco MOMA brings together some of the most famous name in modern and contemporary art. The museum prides itself on a 27,000 piece collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, sketches and media pieces. Every several weeks the museum will host a major exhibition, as well as several smaller exhibitions that usually contain works of very young and innovative artists. The gift shop at the entrance is always worth a visit – especially for its smart gadgets and quality art books.

Exploratorium San Francisco

by ganesha isis

A family friendly attraction, the Exploratorium is beautifully located in the imposing building of the Palace of Fine Arts, just minutes away from Golden Gate Park. Everything about the Exploratorium is made to educate in the most interactive manner. Focusing on the most various aspects of human knowledge from astronomy to senses like seeing or listening, the museum announces to be a revelatory experience for the younger audience, but many adults might enjoy it as well.

Asian Art Museum

San Francisco is well known for its well-represented Asian communities so no wonder it has managed to gather such an impressive collection of Asian art. From Ming pottery and Japanese swords to the Indian god statues made of gold and huge jade jewelry, the museum concentrates centuries of Oriental beauty and craftsmanship.

De Young Museum

by alaskan dude

De Young Museum in San Francisco had made a reputation for its rather eclectic art exhibitions. There’s a little bit of everything to admire, from prints and posters to fashion sketches and the masters of Renaissance original paintings. The museum building is itself impressive, with its copper and glass façade brilliantly integrated into the green surroundings of Golden Gate Park.


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