Best Las Vegas Spas

the venetian ©Ken Lund/Flickr

While Las Vegas can be held responsible for some of the world’s craziest parties, you must be wondering what are Vegas’s party goers and gamblers doing during the day? Well, when they don’t party and gamble, they do their best the relax. This is why Las Vegas resorts are famous for their encompassing, luxurious spas. The spas in Vegas are not only meant to chase a bad hangovers  – let us not forget that some of the richest and most famous people in the world are their guests. Here are some of the best Las Vegas spas:

Canyon Ranch Spa Club, The Venetian

One of the most appreciated spa centers on the strip, the Canyon Ranch Spa Club offers an oasis of relaxation and tranquility in the middle of Vegas’ busiest area.  This encompassing spa combines an exquisite design with traditional European saunas. In addition to the usual procedures you can undergo in a spa (facials, massage, full body exfoliation), this innovative spa also contains an artificial climbing wall, adding a plus of adrenaline to an already unforgettable spa session.

Spa Bellagio, Bellagio

spa lobby ©Toprural/Flickr

Bellagio Resort & Casino is well known for its luxury and as a favorite hangout for Hollywood celebrities. And the resort’s spa is worthy of its name: taking an entire floor of the famous hotel on the Strip, Spa Bellagio  contains no less than 56 treatment rooms. Their list of treatments is impressive, ranging from simple massage and sauna sessions to innovative hydro-massage and hot stone massage therapy.

Spa by Mandara, Paris

Vegas is famous for its no-fuss weddings, just as Paris is a favorite honeymoon destination.  The Spa at Paris casino in Las Vegas continues these traditions and addresses couples of all ages. The spa has dedicated therapies  for couples, which consists of a team of experienced spa therapists working exclusively for you and your partner. But even if you are single, Mandara’s  treatments can be quite appealing: they include a trademark stone massage, as well as oriental style facials and massages.

Mirage Spa, The Mirage

hot stone massage ©Unique Hotels Group/Flick

In case you are interested to see one of Vegas’ more modern spas, the Spa at the Mirage is a great choice. The spa is not only modern in terms of design (unlike the usual marble, granite or wood interiors, the designer of this spa were not afraid to use metal). Despite its state of the art look, this spa complex uses the most natural methods, like fresh fruits, aromatic plants or rose petals.


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