Best Family Attractions in Chicago

Sky Deck

Sears Tower panorama © (vincent desjardins)/Flickr

The city of Chicago is one of those places you must definitely see before you die. And not only because of its defying skyscrapers and legendary music clubs, but also because Chicago has a truly unique atmosphere, which no words and pictures can describe.

You should also know that Chicago is suitable for all categories of travelers, young and old. So despite Chicago’s reputation in terms of shopping and partying, families will also have a great time visiting Chicago. Here are some great attractions you might want to coinsider:

Field Museum

This popular Chicago museum takes its name from Marshall Field, who financed the museum in its early days. Basically a natural history museum, the Field museum is best known for its Native American history collections and for its impressive T-Rex skeleton. There will be plenty to explore around this family-friendly museum, from natural-history focused exhibitions to incredible collections of artifacts and even gems.

Chicago museum

exhibit at Field Museum ©Dallas Krentzel/Flickr

Sears Tower SkyDeck

Once the tallest building in the world, the Sears Tower in Chicago has remained one of the most popular attractions in Chicago. What it still amazing about this 1,353 feet tall building is its sky-deck, located on the top section of the tower. The glass windows allow a 360° panorama of Chicago and its vicinities, day or night (and here there’s a whole debate around whether you should visit at night or during the day).

Sky Deck

Sears Tower panorama © (vincent desjardins)/Flickr

Navy Pier

No trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to the Navy Pier. One of the very best family attractions in Chicago, the Navy Pier incorporates numerous other attractions, along with dozens of shops and restaurants. Here at the Pier you can visit Chicago’s Children Museum, or go watch a movie at one of the country’s must impressive IMAX theaters. The Ferris wheel at Navy Pier has become one of the city’s iconic attractions. (Tip: don’t forget to get a few snaps here – you’ll hardly find a better view of the stunning Chicago skyline).

Grant Park

Chicago’s famous Grand Park is ideal for a lovely day in the open. Its central location makes it easy to reach, and also a suitable location for all sorts of outdoors events – most of which are for free. This is the reason why there will always be something going on at Grant Park, from concerts and performances to exhibits and festivals. In the rest of the days Grant Park is great for picnics and long walks, or simply for taking a breath of fresh air.

Chicago park

Grant Park ©Ken Lund/Flickr

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