Best Comedy Clubs in Chicago

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Famous for its skyscrapers and nightlife, Chicago is only rivaled by Las Vegas in terms of good quality entertainment. The clubs in Chicago have made a reputation for hosting some of the best live music in the United States, but in addition to this many of the Windy City clubs are also visited by the most famous comedians. Those searching for first class stand-up comedy shows must definitely include Chicago on their list of must see destinations. Whether you visit Chicago on or off season, you should keep in mind that chances are high to see your favorite comedian in one of these best comedy clubs in Chicago:

Second City

by strikeael

Don’t mind the paradox in this sentence: Second City is arguably the first choice for those looking for some good laughs while visiting Chicago. This is one of America’s long-established comedy institutions and a pulsating hot spot on the map of Chicago’s nightlife events. With an eclectic drinks and snacks menu and over 50 years of providing first class entertainment behind, this club is to be remembered by all the Bill Murray or Mike Meyers fans, as the Second City has played a crucial role in launching these two Hollywood megastars’ careers.

The Comedy Shine

With and inspired name and several stages, the Comedy Shrine is a place where good humor and satire are always present. Like in most of Chicago’s comedy clubs, you are charged a fee at the entrance and expect to pay for a drink if you want to watch a show. The good news is that there is always something going on at the Comedy Shrine, not to mention that the club management is more than happy to host new talents (they have a so-called ‘Open Mic’ night on Monday.)

The Edge Comedy Club

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This is one of the newest and trendiest clubs in Chicago. Across this one decade of existence, The Edge has managed to gather the biggest names in this field. It is also one of the only locations where you can get in for free (only on Thursday night, and only if you are willing to listen to some novice comedians ;). Those of you with greater ambitions might even sign up for their comedy classes.

Chicago Underground Comedy

Of course, some of you might be tired of hearing the same names and gags all over again. For a change, you can try out the Underground Comedy club, a relatively recent but quite promising comedy venue. This one is ready to go very deep underground with lots of original acts and never heard of comedians.

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