Best Christmas Markets in the US

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An old European tradition, Christmas markets enjoy an increasing popularity in the United States. A combination of a farmers market and country fair, Christmas markets are usually held during the first week of December, so that people can but the gifts and delicacies necessary for the preparation of the Christmas dinner. Most Christmas markets in US can be found in the major cities on the East Coast. It is cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore or New York, where European settlers of Germanic descent first brought the tradition of Christmas markets. So no wonder that these cities can also pride on the best Christmas markets in the US:

Christmas Village, Philadelphia

Each year the square in front of the Philadelphia City hall is invaded by local artisans, farmers, gift hunters and passers-by, in a cheerful and quite accurate replica of the traditional German market. The market usually starts in the last week of November, when the Christ-child – Christkindl – a fairly-like apparition with golden hair and angelic face, inaugurates the market.

Christkindlmarkt, Chicago

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A similar event takes place in Chicago, where people seem to have very little time to waste: hardly does the Thanksgiving turkey get cold, that the Christmas market is opened. This is a great occasion to taste some authentic German sausage, sauerkraut and ginger bread, but also an opportunity to buy a less conventional gift. There are also several hot food stands, so people can indulge on Christmas food one month in advance! 😉

Union Square Holidaymarket, New York

With its reputation as the most cosmopolitan city in the US, New York couldn’t have lacked a Christmas market. As you might already guessed, the happy event takes place in Union Square, where visitors have almost an entire month to decide on the perfect gift. With handpicked accessories, jewellery and thematic crafts, the market is among the most anticipated and popular events in December.

Christkindlmarkt, Baltimore

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Baltimore also has its smaller, but equally enjoyable version of the Christmas Market. The event brings together the best of German sweets and pastries, as well as lots of very original Christmas decorations. More than a simple market, the Baltimore Christkindlmarkt is a social event, where people can chat, eat wurst, drink warm spicy wine and sing carols.

German Holiday Market, San Francisco

San Francisco breaks the supremacy of the East Coast with its own and original Christmas market. Of course, there aren’t too many chances to see snow or take a photo of the Christkindl in San Francisco, but you’ll still get to sit on Santa’s knees and taste some good stolen or marzipan.

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