Best Beaches in Orlando

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Okay, maybe I should just start this post about the best beaches in Orlando by letting you know that Orlando itself, with its numerous theme parks, has almost no room for beaches. So a more proper title for this article might have been ‘the best beaches near Orlando’. However, as this post addressed those Orlando tourists who might fancy a day of relaxation at the beach, I decided that the first title is more suitable. Before getting to present some possible destinations for a beach trip, there’s one more important thing you have to know: Orlando is close to both the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico coast, and this can be a very important factor in choosing your beach.

Cocoa Beach

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Cocoa Beach is actually the name of a small community on the shore of the Atlantic. Cocoa Beach is juat a short drive from Orlando (maybe about 1 hour) and offers several kilometres of beach, as well as numerous water sports facilities. Actually, the whole area is packed with attractions, including the famous Kennedy Space Center.


In case you are interested to explore the other side of the Florida peninsula, the closest beach to Orlando would be the Clearwater Beach. Many prefer the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico for their calm waters and silvery sands. Clearwater Beach certainly deserves its name, being not only a scenic beach, but also a very tourist-friendly one, with lots of attractions, eateries and excellent safeguarding monitoring.

Daytona Beach

daytona beach sunset ©vlitvinov/Flickr

Back to the Atlantic coast, Daytona Beach, just several miles north from Cocoa Beach is among the biggest and most famous beaches in Florida. If you are wondering what might be the reasons to choose Daytona over Cocoa Beach, then I should probably tell you that Daytona has no more and no less than 23 miles of beach. Plus, tourists are allowed to park on the beach, a very convenient alternative for families with children or surfers carrying their equipment.

Caladesi Island State Park

If you, by contrast, prefer more isolated beaches where maximal care is given to the preservation of nature, you can always head for Caladesi Island State Park, on the western coast of Florida. Caladesi is in fact an island which makes it rather remote. However, the lack of cars and too much civilization adds up to the natural beauty of the place, with its deep blue waters and fine sands.

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