Best Art Museums in the US

by _rockinfree

One thing that has always fascinated me in regard to the United States has been the country’s desire to display and in many cases even acquire for considerable amount of money the masterpieces of Europe’s most prestigious artists. Even though the states have given us a lot of highly influential artists like Basquiat, Warhol or Jackson Pollock, American artists aren’t the only attraction in America’s famous museums. Practically, a big US museum can offer you just as many authentic masterpieces as a several hundred year old European museum. So let’s take a look at the best art museums in the US and see what each of them has to offer:

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Arguably the most famous and visited museum in New York, the Metropolitan impresses with its monumental entrance and eclectic art collection. The museum hosts all kinds of artefacts, from an authentic Egyptian Temple to old music instruments and contemporary photography. Whether you have an interest in Polynesian art or Middle East jewelry, it’s quite likely that you’ll find a full gallery of such objects at the Met.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Even though it’s not very impressive in terms of size, the MOMA’s innovative approach to contemporary art has made it worthy of visiting. If you are curious about the latest art trends or contemporary design, MOMA’s exhibitions are the perfect way to start. MOMA’s curators have a proverbial talent with identifying the most promising artists, as they have proved in so many instances.

Getty Centre, Los Angeles

by Londo Mollari

Up in the sunny hills of Santa Monica, the modern building of the Getty Centre hosts the best known museum on the West Coast. Even though the name Getty came to be associated with photography, the museum’s impressive collection includes thousands of manuscripts, drawings, decorative objects and even furniture pieces.

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

Ironically, the Art Institute of Chicago is best known to the world for its encompassing collection of Modern Art. Works by Cezanne, Monet and Gauguin are the highlight of the museum’s painting collection, but you’ll also get the chance to admire byzantine icons, mediaeval weaponry  or African-American contemporary art.

National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC

by waitscm

While the National Portrait Gallery in Washington is indeed a reason of national pride, this museum is not only about the country’s heroes and iconic figures. Besides its permanent collection of portraits, the museum hosts numerous temporary exhibitions of photography and painting – all focused on portraits, of course. This is also a great place to see artistic celebrity portraits.

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