Best 5 Harvest Festivals in US

by chandimal pathirage

Autumn is already here and along with it come harvest time and the numerous festivals and manifestations that people all over the world have dedicated to this generous season. Although Thanksgiving is seen as the one and only harvest festival in the US, the truth is that are lots of small festivals across the country celebrating different crops. And even some of them are just local manifestations, one shouldn’t ignore the charm of such events, with their colorful farmer’s markets, old fashioned thrill rides and holiday atmosphere. So if you happen to be a fan of apples, pumpkins or any other autumn fruit and are in search for weekend holiday destinations, here are the best 5 harvest festivals in the US:

National Cranberry Festival

What a better occasion to taste cranberry derived products and enjoy that unique New England feel that the National Cranberry Festival in Edaville? In addition to the classic rides, home cooked food and cotton candy, you will also be able to take an educative tour across the cranberry plantation in a historic train.

Barnesville Pumpkin Festival

The last week of September is welcomed with much joy by the inhabitants of Barnesville, Ohio. About a hundred thousand people gather here to witness the competition of pumpkins, where local farmers display the most gigantic pumpkin in an attempt to set a new record. There are lots of auxiliary activities to join, like concerts, rides and food sampling.

Kentucky Apple Festival

by all things michigan

Most of you probably associate Kentucky with chicken but this is also the state with the best apples. What was initially conceived as an early October apple fair has now evolved into a two day manifestation, with lots of fun events and contests like beauty pageants, concerts, competitions and even a car show.

Morton Pumpkin Festival

The second pumpkin festival for today, Morton Pumpkin Festival is also worth mentioning due to its highly entertaining and competitive manner. The centerpiece of the festival is represented by the Punkin Chunkin’ contest. Participants design the most sophisticated catapults and cannons in an attempt to set a new world record at pumpkin throwing. Pretty cool, huh?

Sweet Corn Festival

by megankhines

Sweet corn can be such a rewarding snack if served hot and topped with a dab of melting butter, isn’t it? Well, you will be delighted to find out that the people of Millesport, Ohio, have dedicated an entire event to sweet corn. Join them in early September for some great dancing, concerts and food sampling.

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