A Taste of Chicago: A Short Guide to Local Cuisine

Its temperamental climate and daring skyscrapers are, just like soul music or Al Capone, part on Chicago’s inimitable charm. But it is totally unfair to reduce such a huge, diverse city to some mere labels. Chicago is a 21st century metropolis and probably one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet. Yet, what is really fascinating about Chicago is the way this US city, with distinct ethnic communities of thousands of people each, has managed to develop such a distinct identity.
Halfway between the adventurous west and the sophisticated East, Chicago shows a very strong personality. You’ll often hear people speaking about a Chicago jazz, a Chicago style pizza or barbecue, – it almost seems that there’s a Chicago way of doing everything. Among all these, Chicago cuisine is quite diverse and distinguishable, with numerous ethnic influences but also a lot of innovation. Hence my idea to write today’s post “A taste of Chicago: a short guide to local cuisine” which I really hope you’ll enjoy.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

by tnvwboy

Deep dish pizza is one of the great culinary innovations of Chicago chefs. While it’s still undecided who invented this pizza variety, the great thing about it is that it’s quite easy to recognize. The crust is very thick and the high margins form something like a dish made of dough. The inside is filled with plenty of cheese and tomato sauce. Some great places to try the Chicago style Pizza are RSMBob, Giordanos, Burts, Unos, Coal Fire.

Hot Dogs

The Chicago dog is well known in the hot dog eaters’ world for its unique blend of flavors and spices: more than the classic ketchup and mustard dog, this fast food dish contains tomatoes, onions, pickles and relish. You can find it everywhere around Chicago, although some recommended places would be Hot Doug’s, Portillo’s and Gene and Jude.

Italian Beef

by penn waggener

Similar to the Philly Cheese Steak, the Italian Beef is actually a sandwich, just that this time the main ingredients are roast beef and Italian rolls. Depending on the accompanying sauce, the Italian beef can be hot or sweet. Great Italian beef sandwiches can be tasted at Tore’s, Jonnies, Al’s or Mr. Beef.

Taste of Chicago Festival

by cytosine

Arguably the biggest food event in the United States, this long-established annual event in Chicago brings together a record number of gourmands: almost 2.5 million every year. Participants can taste some of the most delicious food prepared in Chicago, from ethnic specialties to gourmet, while drinks, good music and entertainment facilities are also present.

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