A Taste of Californian Cuisine

by pointnshoot

California has always been a land of opportunities (just think of the Gold Rush, Hollywood, Silicon Valley enterprises) which is why it also attracted the most diverse people. After adventurers and gold seekers in the 19th century became the first European settlers of California, the promise of fame and fortune has attracted immigrants from all over the world.
Getting a taste of Californian cuisine is like eating diversity on bread. With influences from both the neighboring Mexico and the Asian immigrants who crossed the Pacific, Californian cuisine has developed into a distinctive culinary style. But before presenting some of the delicious dishes that are specific to this region, I must tell you that California Cuisine and the Cuisine of California actually refer to two different things. While the latter defines the regional cuisine the former actually refers to a contemporary cooking style based on the fusion cuisine. In other worlds, many of the high end restaurants in California will serve this type of innovative, fusion cuisine while the traditional dishes that make the Cuisine of California are more likely to be eaten in mid-range restaurants or in people’s homes. So let’s get a better look at both of them:

Alice Waters and her break with tradition

by georgeparilla

Alice Waters was the owner of a French restaurant in California back in the 70s, who decided one day to put more of the local flavor in the exclusivist French dishes. So while salads and fresh ingredients became increasingly popular, sophisticated serving styles and thesmall portions came to define this type of cuisine who became the standard in California’s luxury restaurants.
Although California cuisine has lost much of its popularity, it can be held responsible for the wide appreciation that Californians have for Asian style seafood, the fresh and organic food or vegetarian dishes.

Cuisine of California

by star5112

The cuisine of California treasures the Mexican influences as well as the more traditional American dishes like hamburgers and barbecues. In California you’ll often run into restaurants that serve sophisticated hamburgers with exotic ingredients like avocado, as well as the typical chili fries and carne asada fries. The cuisine of California has also adopted a lot of international dishes like pizza or sushi – by adding local ingredients, Californian chefs have given these classic recipes a whole new twist. One of the best places to try out the authentic cuisine of California is San Diego – this city near the Mexican border was home to numerous culinary innovations due to its high number of immigrants.

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