A Short Guide to Broadway Theaters

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New Amsterdam theater ©Broadway Tour/Flickr

New York is famous for its theater scene. Actually, it is so famous that its theater district – Broadway – is some kind of international capital of musical shows, the place where trends are set and all the great shows are born.

Seeing a show on Broadway is part of the New York experience. There is just so much to pay attention to: the elegant outfits in the audience, the talented actors, the elaborate decors, the whole ritual of attending a play. Today’s posts was intended as a short guide to Broadway theaters. You will find out which are the most popular theaters, how you can get discounted tickets and how to behave when attending a Broadway play:

Famous Broadway Theaters

There are dozens of theaters along Broadway, and it is hard to say which is the best of them. Rather than going with one theater or another, you should check out each theater’s repertoire or read some musical reviews to find out which are the most acclaimed plays. Lyceum Theater, Ambassadors Theater, Lunt Fontanne Theater, New Amsterdam Theater are some of the best known New York Theaters. Richard Rogers, Imperial, Majestic and Walter Kerr are also quite popular, but they are harder to spot, so pay a lot of attention when searching for them.

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New Amsterdam theater ©Broadway Tour/Flickr

Finding cheap tickets

Queues are a common sight on Broadway. And more often than not, a Broadway queue is a sign the respective play is extremely popular. But it might also mean that discounted tickets are at steak. Tickets for very successful musicals will sell out well in advance, but there will always be people who change their mind and return tickets. These are available before the show at the box office, but you must be there in advance. The TKTS boots (one in Times Square and another one at South Street Seaport) were created for this specific purpose: to sell discounted tickets. Also, if you are a student, some theaters might charge you less. The Visitor Information Center is also worth checking.

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A little Broadway etiquette

If this is your first time to enter a New York theater, then you should know a few simple rules. First of all, keep in mind that this is not a movie you’re watching: people ill perform live in front of your, so things like texting on your phone, making loud comments and noises, or eating and drinking will be considered to be very disruptive and rude. While there is no need to dress up, a decent, clean outfit will be appreciated. Lastly, don’t rush out of the theater hall as soon as you think the play is over: there will be a short applause session, in which actors will come back on the stage and receive the audience’s praises and ovations.

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