A Guide to Free Entertainment in New York City

New York is probably the one American city that every person should visit at least one during his or her lifetime. Even though New York has been the location of countless movies, TV shows and novels, not even the most advanced picture-taking technology and most elaborate travel guide can fully imitate the unique atmosphere of this cosmopolitan and sophisticated city.
The only downside about such a terrific travel destination as the Big Apple is the fact that it can be pretty expensive to live in the central location, especially Manhattan. But you should keep in mind that this borough of New York is not exclusively inhabited by rich people. There are enough students and bohemian artists in here so consequently lots of low profile gigs, art exhibitions and performances. Not to mention the numerous street artists, as well as the public manifestations which are usually free of charge. So, as you can see, a guide to free entertainment in New York can transform into a pretty encompassing paper, which is why I decided to stick to the very basics:

Free Sports and Outdoor Activities

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A very important tip when it comes to free entertainment in New York is stick to the parks! The three most eventful parks in New York are the Central Park, Hudson River Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Here you will always find something to do, from jogging and hiking to trying out a free yoga or tai chi class. Also, the parks have their annual concert series, which occur mainly in summer, and most of which are for free.

Free Music

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Now that we came to the music chapter, free, quality music is probably one of the great advanteges of e New York trip. You’ll find free music everywhere, from the crowded tourist areas like Central Park or Pier 17 to impromptu concerts. The East River Music Project and the Lincoln Centre Series of concerts might also provide you with the entertainment you’re looking for.

Free Shows and Events

With a bit of luck and a little bit of knowledge of social media and blogs, you’ll be able to find plentiful of exhibitions, movies, festivals and even musicals to attend. Some of the most popular cultural manifestations in New York are Shakespeare in the Park, Broadway under the Stars – first I dedicated to theater, while the second to musicals. Also, most ethnic fairs, holiday parades, food fairs and even some fashion shows are free of charge. The New Year’s Eve ceremony or the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown and Little Italy festivals are just some examples.

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