A Guide to Chicago Music Clubs and Events

by runrunrun

Indie, rave, hip-hop, house, gospel, jazz, blues, you name it: Chicago’s encompassing music scene has been attracting and influencing artists all around the world for decades now. Chicago-based musicians have given birth to entirely new musical genres such us soul and house and transformed others into whole new styles: Chicago blues, Chicago jazz. Contemporary Chicago continues to produce successful bands and musicians of all genres like Smashing Pumpkins, Chicago, Mos Def, Urge Overkill, Max Farina or Lupe Fiasco. Not matter what the purpose of your journey in Chicago, it would be an insult to the Windy City’s artistic heritage not to attend one of the numerous gigs and crazy parties happening every night. My guide to Chicago music clubs and events is just a mere teaser to a revelatory musical experience:

Music Clubs in Chicago

by alun k. wu

Chicago music clubs vary from long-established, celebrity-frequented music venues to noisy, low-profile underground pubs. The Kinetic Playground features contemporary rock bands, but also funk, soul, reggae interpreters and  sometimes even DJ’s. The Whistler is a little more urban and sophisticated, with an art gallery, bluegrass musicians and signature cocktails. Quite popular and designed to match all tastes is Reggie’s Music Joint.

Jazz and Blues Clubs

In a windy Chicago evening, the best thing to do is chilling in the company of a jazz band and a refined cocktail. The new Apartment Lounge features three differently themed rooms and late night saxophone jazz. Other famous Jazz clubs are Green Mill, Andy’s Jazz Club, Jazz Showcase Chicago. The best of Chicago blues bands can be listened at Blue Bayou, Arti’s, Blue Chicago, Kingston Mines (blues jams on Sundays).

Chicago Music Festivals

by albany tim

Getting back to indie rock and punk, the greatest showcase of famous bands happening is Chicago is the Lollapalooza, a Chicago tradition that in now touring the US and even South America. This year’s edition will take place between the 5 and 7 of August. In July you can book a ticket to the Pitchfork Music festival, another of Chicago’s favorites, which announces artists like Twin Sister, Animal Collective or Neko Case. With half a million attenders every year, Chicago’s Blues Fest is the city’s biggest manifestation of this kind (also a free admission festival, so you have no reason to miss it). The festival has featured some of the most prestigious jazz musicians over the time and is a real tour de force that usually takes place in June (I now notice that I’ve got Chicago summers pretty much covered :)).


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